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Tuesday Tip for the 18th of October
October 18, 2011

Afternoon everyone,

I was teaching at the weekend, and I had a long discussion with a fairly new student about calluses. He is learning on a steel strung acoustic and it is hurting his fingers to play for a long period of time. He had had a quick look on the internet and had seen a variety of tips ranging from rubbing alcohol to rock climbing! I remember having the same issue when I first switched from a classical guitar to an electric.

I find, as with all these things, people look for short cuts. I have no doubt that rubbing things on the ends of your fingers would make them harder, quicker. But would you lose feeling in the wrong places? I certainly would never advocate anything other than simple practice for this. Stop when your fingers hurt and go back once they feel a little better. That way you are going to build the right hard skin in the right places and you’ll also bring yourself into practising the slower way which I recommend.

Play through the pain!

Best of luck