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Guitar Tuition in Glasgow

Guitar lessons available in most parts of Glasgow from an experienced and enthusiastic guitar teacher. Learn to play the guitar style of your choice – Jazz, Blues, Rock, Folk, Classical or anything else. The only limits here are your desire and interests. My main style as a guitar tutor is a personal one. I fit things to you!

Guitar tuition in the comfort of your own home, with flexible times to fit round work, kids, school, Uni or whatever else life throws at you. Learning to play the guitar should be fun, not a chore, something to look forward to. The guitar lessons are designed to accommodate your ability, all levels from total never-held-a-guitar-before beginner all the way through to University guitar student.

Learn to play by ear – it’s the best tool you’ll ever have! I make sure that all of my students can use their ears as well as their fingers. Guitar lessons can develop not only your skills on the instrument but also your understanding of music in general. I make sure scales and theory are explained simply and clearly, the building blocks toward independent guitar playing. I aim for my students to be able to teach themselves, I don’t want to keep you all to myself!

Lessons are designed to be as comfortable as possible. I have had ten years of experience encouraging and helping guitar players from all areas of life. I will not let you feel frustrated or lost at any time. Anyone who wants to can be a great guitar player, and I get a lot of excitement and pleasure out of helping people at any stage of that journey.

Get in touch for a chat, no obligation at all and I won’t try and force a sale on you!


“Harry is not only an expert tutor but is highly personable. He has excellent management instincts and his no nonsense approach to tutoring and coordinating the music project in Glenrothes have helped to transform it into one of the most successful, welcoming and vibrant community music projects in Fife and beyond.” Charlie Jefferson, Y Create

“Harry is everything a great teacher should be: professional, enthusiastic, patient, encouraging, positive and honest. He’s been teaching my son and I for a few months now.

At the beginning, when we he assured us, that the impossible was actually possible, it was hard to believe (as complete novices, there were a lot of impossibles)! Now, eight months on, my son is now making great progress at Grade II and I can now play chords, read music and play some basic tunes. All of those seemingly “impossible” things now achieved!

Yes, part of our progress is down to practice, but for the most part, it is Harry’s expert tuition and positive approach that has made it an enjoyable experience. No matter how many times my middle-aged brain refuses to co-operate Harry is patient and understanding.” Karen Mckeand

“Harry has been teaching both my sons guitar lessons for over 6 months now, both the boys think he is great and are very happy each week when Harry turns up to our house. My husband and I are thrilled that both boys can play and read music now, Harry has helped them come on so much, I would recommend Harry to anyone wishing to learn to play, and since he can come out to the house, what an easy way for a mother come rain, snow or anything the Scottish weather has on an evening to know you can stay in and he will always turn up on time.” Julie Ormiston

“Harry is friendly, patient and professional. His lessons are enjoyable and built around your own musical tastes. Harry keeps you interested developing your skills step by step. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to friend – he even looks like a proper guitarist!” Donald Ferguson