Flynn Amps and the value of enthusiasmK is for Knopfler, MarkM is for Modes

Flynn amps and the value of enthusiasm
April 19, 2014

So at the gig we did at the start of this month my long suffering and hard-working amp finally decided enough was enough and gave up. I haven’t been that gutted about anything for a while, because although it was only that the tubes were old and perhaps a loose connection, it still felt horrible that something I love that much had gone wrong.

After doing a bit of research I found a few amp repair shops in Glasgow and emailed them. The quickest to get back to me where Flynn Amps, who are located round the back of CC Music in the west end. I am always a bit nervous trusting other people with my gear but after talking to the guys for a few minutes I was totally satisfied that they were experts and above that, that they really cared and where interested in what I had and what I wanted.

I knew that I wanted to change the valves in the amp when the time came to replace them,the EL34’s that are stock in my Uberschall can sometimes sound a little too modern. 6L6’s come highly recommend by many people if you want to move a little further away from sounding like a Mesa, toward a more classic, Orange tone.

I discussed this with the guys, and while not totally convinced I should change the tubes (their argument, a valid one, is that hand made amps have already got the best valve they can possibly have in them, though all that testing) I stuck to my plan and they came through for me. There is nothing better than talking about gear with someone who also cares and will respect your opinion while holding their own.

The value of enthusiasts in this case is that you know that your gear will be treated as if it was their own. People who care that much love the amps and guitars they handle as what they are, which is not only tools but personal items that the people who own them have a very real bond with.

Having played the newly re-tubed amp last night at a gig and before that in the afternoon at a practice I can report that it sounds better than ever, the 6L6’s have given it even more bite to it’s roar, if that was possible! I am more happy than I really should be that my amp is back up and running and I highly recommend Flynn to anyone who needs anything fixed. Go check them out!