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Tuesday Tip – Cut your nails!
January 8, 2013

This seems like a really simple thing, but it is always surprising how many of my students look like a cartoon witch when I turn up to tutor them. Teaching a witch to play guitar would be a challenge indeed and I do spend a small proportion of my time telling my students that cutting their fingernails will make a difference. I couldn’t care less about your toes frankly.

I understand that many fingerstyle guitar plays like to keep the nails on their fretting hands long and for good reason. Used properly nails can increase accuracy and volume. However I am of the opinion starting out with the guitar is hard enough without having to get used to fingers having an extra 1/4 inch on the end of them and I tend to advise my students that until they are comfortable enough with normal playing, to keep the talons short.

If you’re reading this J or M, you are indeed the worst culprits!