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Tuesday Tip – Play with a metronome
January 15, 2013

This is something I had drilled into me by pretty much every teacher I ever had. Playing fast, with feeling, verve, taste and space all mean nothing if you can’t find the one and you’re out of time. There’s an alarming number of guitar players out there who have never had lessons from someone who has told them this. I see bands (Sometimes quite good ones) ruined regularly by a guitar player who has no idea how to stay in time with the rest of the group.

When I first started playing the guitar we didn’t have the internet and I had to have a separate metronome to keep me right. Nowadays a simple Google search reveals as many free browser time keeping devices as you could wish for. You can get free iPhone and Android apps to do the same thing and frankly there’s no excuse for not being in time!

Good luck