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Progress as a teacher
August 29, 2014

Ever since I was very small I have enjoyed showing other people how to do things. I remember teaching one of my sisters how to do something on a bicycle which I had worked out (I have no idea what it was now) and the feeling when she understood it and looked happy has stuck with me. Later on I realised that not everyone could play the guitar or cook as well as I could and I liked to pass on my skills with those too, long before I began my long road into professional teaching.

Throughout that however I reminded sure of the fact I was never going to know everything, that there where going to be changes in technology, attitudes and my own experience that where going to lead me to change, question and alter how I teach. I often encounter attitudes in schools, and private classes where the teach is too set in their ways. I get very frustrated by this, because of the detrimental effect it has on young peoples enjoyment of music and their continuing to play and get something out of music for the rest of their lives.

So, in closing, please if you work in any capacity as a teacher or instructor, embrace change. Get excited when a new way of looking at, reading about, recording or writing down music (or what ever it is you specialise in) comes about. Don’t dismiss it as new-fangled rubbish and ignore it. The kids and teenagers you work with won’t, and enthusiasm is a fantastic motivator.