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Teaching people to teach
September 19, 2014

This is a new one for me. I’ve been teaching guitar and percussion for over ten years now but two weeks ago I was approached and asked if I could do a workshop teaching volunteer musicians how to teach music to asylum seeker and refugee children. A worthy cause and I said yes right away but the enormity of the task is beginning to strike home. I am doing my best to write a handout/handbook as not everyone will be able to attend my workshop and I keep thinking of new things to put in.

When I first started teaching I knew that I knew how to play guitar, but I wasn’t at all sure how to explain the processes to people. I think the same is going to be true this time. I know how to teach, and I am good at it but I am not sure how much of that I can put into words that other people will be able to make sense of. Starting with the basics and admitting this is a good place to begin. Teachers should not provide answers all the time, they should set good questions and give pupils the tools to answer them.

I may well put the handbook up here when I have finished. I have been told by some that it is silly and I would be damaging my own business helping others to teach. I don’t think that’s very true however and I am more keen on the idea of doing as much as I can, in my own way to help as many of the rest of humanity enjoy music and in this case, help others enjoy music.

Wish me luck!